6 Degrees Group: Livestore, powered by Soteria™

Who: 6 Degrees Group

Harnessing some of the most technically gifted minds in the industry, Six Degrees Group provides integrated managed data services that link people, places and clouds together. By leveraging their core capabilities and next generation network assets, they are able to deliver a fully integrated range of cloud, datacentre connectivity and voice services that enable their customers to become more innovative, proactive and forward thinking.

Why Insightful

Six Degrees Group has partnered with Insightful Technology to build upon the variety of products currently in their portfolio, helping their customers to form bespoke and compliant solutions, each tailored to the individual company’s requirements. Their armoury includes information security-aware solutions that both safely host, and connect you to your data from anywhere, as well as disaster recovery and business continuity solutions that encompass not just data, but also voice services, ensuring a significant reduction in risk to your operations during a business disaster.

Six Degrees Group’s call-forwarding product, ‘Livenumber’, utilises Insightful’s wealth of experience in Telecommunications Compliance to deliver a service that adheres to strict compliance and governance regulations, by recording and storing all calls with it’s Insightful Technology-powered ‘Livestore’ solution. ‘Livestore’ also leverages Insightful’s ability to globally harness the power of e-discovery, advanced analytics and case reconstruction.

Insightful’s compliance platform, Soteria, which powers Livestore, has provided invaluable functionality to the Six Degrees Group’s technical infrastructure, having previously delivered fully compliant capture of Mobile Voice and SMS to 4 of the top 5 global investment banks, (in addition to over 170 other banks), via Truphone, its mobile channel partner.

Soteria™'s latest software release additionally allows Six Degrees Group’s client base to now compliantly store full multimedia content, via a cloud-based or on-site platform, including mobile and fixed line recordings, trading turret data, emails, IM, and social media correspondence. All data is proactively monitored and captured in real time for instant case reconstruction and e-discovery, meeting all regulatory requirements including MiFiDII.

The Future

An alliance partnership and resale agreement has now been agreed with Insightful Technology, which allows Six Degrees Group to market ‘Livestore’ as a fully compliant solution to their active client base in the city. They hope and expect to see a sizeable growth in this solution’s market segment in the next 18 months.