With a powerful executive team, who bring a wealth of expertise and experience, combined with a passion to create global communications solutions, VENNCOMM has tackled the enterprise issue of “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) and delivered a compelling “low cost, high value” conferencing solution called ‘Blap’. 

This approach provides technological solutions to the most common mobile communications issues that organisations around the world face in order to enable a better mobile lifestyle, and as such, has brought VENNCOMM to the attention of many established technology providers.

Why Insightful

VENNCOMM has partnered with Insightful Technology to create The ‘Blap Compliance Pack’, harnessing Insightful’s proven track record in Telecommunications Compliance to deliver against strict governance and compliance regulations for the Blap conference platform. In addition, it leverages Insightful’s ability to globally harness the power of e-discovery, advanced analytics and case reconstruction.

Insightful Technology’s Soteria™ platform has provided a vital part of the VENNCOMM solution, having previously delivered fully compliant capture of Mobile Voice and SMS to 4 of the top 5 global investment banks, (in addition to over 170 other banks), via its MNO channel partner.

Soteria™’s latest software release additionally allows VENNCOMM’s client base to now compliantly store full multimedia content, via a cloud-based or on-site platform, including mobile and fixed line recordings, trading turret data, emails, IM, and social media correspondence. All data is proactively monitored and captured in real time for instant case reconstruction and e-discovery, meeting all regulatory requirements including MiFiDII.

The Future

Following the setup of a Global Alliance Partnership and Resale Agreement between VENNCOMM and Insightful Technology, VENNCOMM is ready to take ‘Blap’ and the ‘Blap Compliance Pack’ to market as a fully regulatory-approved end-to-end BYOD solution. In offering their now fully compliant product, complete with a low-cost enterprise conferencing facility through their corresponding BYOD app, VENNCOMM’s intention is to make significant waves in the financial market over the next 12 months. Given that they have also now achieved Alliance Partner Status with the Good Technology store, soon the whole world will be “blapping”.