Case Reconstruction

Immediate search and retrieval enabling full case reconstruction to meet regulatory deadlines.

Capturing and archiving communications is only part of the compliance story.

When the investigators make an information request, you are not only required to produce all relevant communications, but also within a specified time frame.

A number of high profile cases investigated by the FCA for miss-selling leading to substantial fines (in excess of £2m) have cited the failure of the organisation to provide the requested data within a timely manner.

In one high-profile case, the FCA specifically highlighted the scale of call retrieval in that it could take years, rather than minutes - or even hours:

"For example, <the bank> has estimated that to identify and retrieve all calls for a single Trader for a single month using the standard retrieval process would take 105 hours of machine time. In the event of a much more wide-ranging regulatory request, retrieval using the standard retrieval process could take years to complete."

Soteria™ enables fast and accurate case reconstruction

With powerful search and locate functionality, our Soteria™ Recording Platform enables fast and accurate case reconstruction. This means that rather than it taking years to retrieve relevant files, compliance officers are able to respond to an investigation within hours, either by local or global lookup.

Our platform also provides real-time alerts which ensure that spot-checks can be carried out in a more effective manner, rather than taking pot luck with occasional searches.