Fixed Line Voice Recording

Record, archive and replay calls made using fixed lines for regulatory compliance.

"...Deutsche Bank’s systems for identifying and recovering recordings of Trader telephone calls and mapping trading books to Traders were inadequate. These failings directly impeded the Authority’s investigation of IBOR misconduct causing significant delays and difficulties to the process..."

Financial Conduct Authority on Deutsche Bank, £226,800,000 penalty for breaching regulations

While mobile phones now dominate the communications world, fixed line communications are still at the hub of organisations globally, and have been for decades.

The need to record conversations via fixed line is not new, and while technology and hardware may have evolved, it's imperative that the ability to record conversations remains in place.

Aside from ensuring regulatory compliance, having the ability to index conversations against keywords enables key decision makers and compliance officers to be proactive when analysing vital information.

Market leading fixed line recording solutions

Soteria™,  our proprietary technology, has been developed to enable the capturing, indexing, transcription and archiving of phone calls for global financial institutions. It also ensures that organisations meet regulatory compliance requirements with regards to call recording in a number of sectors, both locally and globally.

Specifically, for financial institutions in the US and UK, Soteria™ facilitates an organisation's compliance with various regulatory demands, such as Dodd-Frank (USA), and the MiFID and MAR Financial Services Acts (UK); it also offers global compliance against MiFIDII.

Soteria™ can be adapted to record phone calls from all types of fixed line communications devices, including "trader turrets" and networks.

Given its modular nature, all our technology is scalable, and can be used by any organisation wishing to transcribe phone calls, both fixed line and mobile. With the additional ability to transcribe other types of electronic communication, Soteria™ has proven itself to be an efficient platform for delivering feeds into internal CRM systems, and as a result, can increase business agility.

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