Normalisation Engine

The success of creating any technical solution ultimately lies in designing and building an efficient database and achieving a structure, whether held locally or globally. The Soteria platform ingests all forms of communications, from real time telephony, over landline or mobile, to SMS, IM, email, trade data, social media and even Skype for business. This information is then processed through our powerful normalisation engine to filter through files and analyse data with minimal effort.

All key objects of communications are captured and normalised in real time, then compressed and achieved. During this process we proactively use our e-discovery and surveillance tools which save the hassle of searching through limitless files, including achieved and historic records. This is highly beneficial to organisations that have time constraints and regulatory compliance deadlines, by finding the relevant information and presenting the data in an actionable format.

The platform can additional integrated to existing analytics and compliance platform, acting as a middle ware to "Normalise" all data types, in one place.