Secure Cloud Storage

Store multimedia data in a high availability, secure cloud architecture, meeting local and global regulations. We additionally can provide on premise and hybrid options on request.

With Soteria, we are able to provide a secure cloud storage solution for any data type, architected to provide high levels of resilience and ensure data integrity.

Using compression and file single instancing, we can also help you reduce the overall volume of storage required to store data.

Data can be stored in many different formats, from many different sources and is fully searchable and retrievable in individual objects or as part of bulk downloads.

What does Soteria Secure Cloud Storage enable?

  • Digital signatures taken at time of capture for all objects and metadata. Collected objects can be divided between different physical stores.
  • Encrypted web access or via 2048 bit encryption VPN connection. All users have a global unique ID ("Global ID") which forms part of the unique attribute assigned to all associated objects and metadata.
  • Data synchronised/backed up between multiple data centres.
  • Provides a "one window" view to all data assets. Retrieval of all data can be achieved via a familiar tree structure or via a search.
  • Multiple data centre active-active operation replay able collection transactions process to rebuild corrupt data.