Soteria™ Captures over 120 different feeds 

The Soteria™ Collection service is our core product and behind everything we do. The Soteria collection process is simple add your feeds to the Soteria platform and watch the seamless Soteria process capture the Realtime data into the compliance platform.
Soteria™ - The only platform available that can capture, normalise, store and reconstruct mobile and fixed line phone calls, as well as all other business communications, ensuring clients are fully compliant.

The way we communicate is constantly evolving and industry regulations now require businesses to capture, store and analyse all related communications more than ever before. Soteria™ is our patented technology platform that enables organisations to meet all local and global regulations.

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Soteria™  Collection

Get a secure, single view across all channels including:
Fixed line and mobile voice
Social media, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
Files and folders
Instant messaging
Trade feeds including Bloomberg and Reuters
Full list available on request