The Fusion Communications Surveillance Solution enables organisations to meet these regulatory requirements. The solution can be implemented to collect or record all your staff communications such as audio, video, email, chat and SMS into a single platform that enables you to perform analytics and automatic alerting on key words significantly helps you to meet these requirements in an efficient way.

The Insightful data collection and recording solutions enable you to collect any format of electronic data which is then processed through our pipeline into the Fusion Communication Surveillance Solution platform.  All the most popular communication tools are covered, such as Microsoft Teams, Cisco, Webex and Zoom plus many more (See here for a more comprehensive list). This pipeline processing performs tasks such as encryption, indexing, normalisation and enhancing meta-data.

The lexicon based electronic communication surveillance solution engine will allow you to manage your own lexicon key words and phrases. You can also configure your own workflow and settings based on triggered alerts found in the content of any processed communications.

The Fusion Communication Surveillance Solution also provides you with the addition of voice transcription and language translation your compliance team can then review any communication within your organisation no matter what languages have been used. Additionally there is a case management or trade reconstruction function that enables you to create virtual cases to suit whatever type of investigation or analysis you may require to do.

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