Soteria™ eDiscovery solutions

Advanced eDiscovery solutions provides an end-to-end workflow to preserve, collect, analyze, review, and export content that's relevant to your organization's internal and external investigations.

The Advanced eDiscovery solutions in Soteria builds on the existing Soteria eDiscovery and analytics capabilities. Advanced eDiscovery can help you quickly respond to legal matters or internal investigations. Through filtering and searching you can easily identify persons of interest and case relevant data objects. You can instantly place all objects in your case on legal hold to protect it during the life of the investigation.


Modular Capture Compliance Solutions 

Securely perform eDiscovery on over 120 feeds of data to ensure you are meeting regulatory compliance, It’s Cloud based - turn it on with a click. No hardware needed.

Capture over 120 feeds of data
Flexible retention periods
Strict user permission controls
PCI DSS, Dodd-Frank, GDPR, KYC, MiFID II, HIPAA compliant and more
Instant search

Soteria™  Intelligent Cloud

Enrich call recordings with Voice AI, improve customer experience and enable proactive compliance.

Automatic data transcriptions
Line-by-line sentiment analysis
Notifications of negative calls and keyword alerts customisable by you
Advanced API for integration of call data in BI tools and apps
Call and AI data dashboards and reports


After you identify potential persons of interest in an investigation, you can add them as custodians (also called data custodians, because they may possess information that's relevant to the investigation) to an Advanced eDiscovery case. After users are added as custodians, it's easy to preserve, collect, and review custodian documents.


To preserve and protect data that's relevant to an investigation, Advanced eDiscovery lets you place a legal hold on the data sources associated with the custodians in a case. You can also place non-custodial data on hold. Advanced eDiscovery also has a built-in communications workflow so you can send legal hold notifications to custodians and track their acknowledgments.


After you identified (and preserved) the data sources relevant to the investigation, you can use the built-in search tool in Advanced eDiscovery to search for and collect live data from the custodial data sources (and non-custodial data sources, if applicable) that may be relevant to the case.


After you've collected all data relevant to the case, the next step is to process it for further review and analysis. In Advanced eDiscovery, the in-place data that you identified in the collection phase is copied to an Azure Storage location called a review set, which provides you with a static view of the case data.

Review & Analysis 

After data has been added to a review set, you can view specific documents and run additional queries to reduce the data to what is most relevant to the case.  Also you can annotate and tag specific documents. 
Advanced eDiscovery provides an integrated analytics tool that helps you further cull data from the review set that you determine isn't relevant to the investigation. In addition to reducing the volume of relevant data, Advance eDiscovery also helps you save legal review costs by letting you organize content to make the review process easier and more efficient.

Production & Presentation

When you're ready, you can export documents from a review set for legal review. You can export documents in their native format or in an EDRM-specified format so they can be imported into third-party review applications.