Soteria™ Advanced eDiscovery

Advanced eDiscovery provides an end-to-end workflow to preserve, collect, analyze, review, and export content that's relevant to your organization's internal and external investigations.

The Advanced eDiscovery solution in Soteria builds on the existing Soteria eDiscovery and analytics capabilities. Advanced eDiscovery can help you quickly respond to legal matters or internal investigations. Through filtering and searching you can easily identify persons of interest and case relevant data objects. You can instantly place all objects in your case on legal hold to protect it during the life of the investigation.

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Soteria™ The Process of eDiscovery
After you identify potential persons of interest in an investigation, you can add them as custodians (also called data custodians, because they may possess information that's relevant to the investigation) to an Advanced eDiscovery case. After users are added as custodians, it's easy to preserve, collect, and review custodian documents.