Soteria™ Reporting & Analytics 

Fully automate all of your firm's reporting & analytics processes, throughout the entirety of the requestor's application lifecycle, with no manual intervention required.

Is your business overwhelmed by the increasing volume of data? Remove the significant costs, labour-intensive processes, and inefficiencies associated with reporting & analytics, and mitigate your corporate risk of Data Misuse fines, through a fully-automated Rights and Personal Data Governance solution, that covers you from initial access request, to application completion and closure. Stay ahead of consumer or employee grievances using the Soteria inbuilt reporting tools.


Modular Reporting & Analytics 

Prove the completeness of all records for Evidential Integrity, as well as monitor the sequence of any given user or system activity, with full UTC-timestamped audit trails.

All activity is monitored at an object or keystroke level, enabling users to reconcile records, or surveil data relating to line and circuit monitoring, quality assurance testing, and any triggered reports or alerts.

Soteria™  Intelligent Cloud

Enrich call recordings with Voice AI, improve customer experience and enable proactive compliance.
Automatic data transcriptions
Line-by-line sentiment analysis
Notifications of negative calls and keyword alerts customisable by you
Advanced API for integration of call data in BI tools and apps
Call and AI data dashboards and reports

Automated SAR Workflow

Non-intrusively test the integrity and availability of individual business end points, be they Private Wires or DDI number ranges for TDM, SIP-based telephony, or Trader Voice Positions. Additionally, test Mobile Network Operator lines and Application-based end points for those who are "on the move".

Automatic Data capture

Whether audio, video or electronic, all customer and employee-centric data is recorded in real-time, and is stored in a single, immediately searchable location. Channel ingestion includes data from CRM tools such as Microsoft Dynamics and SalesForce, again to streamline all related SAR-based workflows.

GDPR & CCPA Intake Forms 

Utilise pre-determined request intake templates that comply with GDPR and CCPA requirements, or alternatively, build or customise your own unique forms, to suit the business's individual needs. Easily embed all finished forms onto any website or online platform.

Multilingual Support

Enable requestors to easily navigate intake forms and complete SAR processes, by selecting their preferred language from over 100 embedded options. Additionally, expedite SAR search efforts, across all forms of audio file, through additional voice surveillance tools (subject to initial recording quality).

Full CCPA Compliance

Limit individual's SAR submissions to two per annum, using embedded repeat-request auto-detection. Enable all individuals to 'opt out of sale', as part of PrecogniQ's Consumer Rights Management tool. Provide all individuals who are looking to submit a SAR with a freephone contact option. Ensure a private and secure method of communication between the requestor and data controller, throughout the lifecycle of the Subject Access Request process.

The Portal

In real-time, Soteria™ offers you a single-pane view of any Teams communication, with fully-customisable role-based dashboards, and a permissions hierarchy to manage user access. Trade reconstructions can be created instantaneously, and collated information around a topic or event can be viewed remotely in a containerised manner.