Soteria™ The Preview

Through our SaaS platform Soteria™, we provide financial organisations around the world with the ability to compliantly capture, analyse, store and surveil business communications and market data in real-time, regardless of the source, and in a single, global and hierarchical view.

We also provide Data Integrity through tokenised 3rd party verification for Duty of Care and Evidential Weight. Our Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence, and End- to-End Workflow capabilities include Proactive Monitoring and Alerting, Analytics and Reporting, the functionality to immediately create Trade Reconstructions with containerised Regulator Login Access, and also the ability to pre-populate 3rd party solutions such as CRM systems or Best Execution Templates, with accurate Voice-to-Text transcriptions, translations and notes.

Using Soteria™, we not only drive compliance, surveillance and risk mitigation on a global scale but also business efficiency. Our mobile voice recording technology which underpins ‘Truphone Mobile Recording’ is currently used by 10 of the top 12 tier 1 global banks, and we also have over 180 other financial organisations, including buy- and sell- side firms, using Soteria™ throughout their front, middle and back office departments.

Soteria™ can also be implemented by other regulated industries, including government agencies, legal institutions and pharmaceutical companies.  

See how the Soteria™ SaaS solution empowers Surveillance, Compliance and Risk Mitigation roles across the Three Lines of Defence within Financial Services organisations. Silo-free, real-time capture and surveillance of any business communication or market news data, in a single global and hierarchical view. No need for middleware.

See how Soteria's modular and scalable approach can make you fully compliant, efficient, and cost effective, in a live demonstration