Soteria™ Trade Reconstruction

Capturing and archiving communications is only part of the compliance story. When the regulators or investigators make an information request, you are not only required to produce all relevant communications, but also within a specified time frame.

Soteria allows you to immediately build and manage investigation or case reconstruction data in a virtual case file. Reconstruction and curation of associated data to a specific activity or trade can be accessed in a containerised view by compliance officers or investigators. Regulators and validated 3rd parties can gain access to the virtual case via a time-lapsed login and password.



Modular Trade Reconstruction Compliance Solutions 

Securely perform Trade reconstruction on over 120 feeds of data to ensure you are meeting regulatory compliance, It’s Cloud based - turn it on with a click. No hardware needed.

Audit of all data feeds
Soteria Case management
Advance Search
PCI DSS, Dodd-Frank, GDPR, KYC, MiFID II, HIPAA compliant and more

Soteria™  Intelligent Cloud

Enrich call recordings with Voice AI, improve customer experience and enable proactive compliance.

Automatic data transcriptions
Line-by-line sentiment analysis
Notifications of negative calls and keyword alerts customisable by you
Advanced API for integration of call data in BI tools and apps
Call and AI data dashboards and reports


The Soteria audit ensures that all actions made during a case reconstruction are tracked to evidence good process and best practices.

Advance Search

Whether you are searching for a single keyword, communications from an individual or a single email, our advanced search will enable you to find exactly what you're looking for, with minimal effort.

Case Management

Soteria enables you to manage multiple concurrent cases with different case teams.


The case management workflows enable you to work in a team and manage your investigation processes efficiently.

Review & Analysis 

After data has been added to a review set, you can view specific documents and run additional queries to reduce the data to what is most relevant to the case.  Also you can annotate and tag specific documents. 

The Portal

In real-time, Soteria™ offers you a single-pane view of any Teams communication, with fully-customisable role-based dashboards, and a permissions hierarchy to manage user access. Trade reconstructions can be created instantaneously, and collated information around a topic or event can be viewed remotely in a containerised manner.