Insightful Technology and Trapets form strategic alliance to deliver fully managed Trading Surveillance and Regulatory Compliance Ecosystem

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Industry leaders in trading surveillance, Trapets, is the latest to embrace a collaborative partnership with Insightful Technology, and align their product suite with Insightful’s best-in-class compliant multimedia communications SaaS platform, Soteria™.

Trapets, who are revered in the financial services industry for their managed service offerings around market abuse and trade investigations, will now have the ability to offer a more comprehensive and complimentary product to their clients, to proactively monitor and analyse not only market activity around trades, but all global multimedia communications inside their organisation that potentially relates to a trade, collated together in a single, fully-structured and filterable window-pane view.

With communication data captured in real-time within Soteriaâ„¢, and business-empowering Artificial Intelligence tools such as keyword and phrase searching, voice to text transcription and translation, and proactive surveillance alerts on communication activity or content, to transform data into meaningful information, case reconstructions can also be created in a few minutes, complete with containerised and time-lapsed file access for regulators, without data breaching local or global jurisdiction requirements.

Rob Houghton, CTO of Insightful Technology said: “In marrying up reports from Soteria™ with Trapets’ own intelligent reporting capabilities, a fundamental gap is bridged in providing a complete set of records to the regulator around the lifecycle of a trade, and more importantly gives businesses back ownership of their data and a confidence that they have shown best execution and transparency in line with the major financial market regulations. The collaboration is an exciting one to say the least.”

Gunnar Wexell, Chairman at Trapets AB commented: “The constantly moving regulatory environment not only requires firms to adapt and expand their in-house surveillance programmes, but also to deal with compliance requirements that are increasing in breadth, depth and complexity.  Integrating our leading edge trade surveillance platform with Soteria™ provides the holistic approach needed to meet today’s regulatory requirements.”