Insightful Technology launches Audio Assure voice infrastructure monitoring solution

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Insightful Technology has launched Audio Assure, a product that enables fully-automated agnostic voice infrastructure monitoring, integrity checking and line utilisation, including features for recorder availability, line quality monitoring and CDR reconciliation. 

Insightful says that this, together with full integrated reporting that meets both regulatory and operational requirements, has generated initial client feedback that highlights significant cost savings, while increasing resource effectiveness.

For some time, financial firms have been under increasing pressure to reduce the risk of regulatory investigation and reputational damage, as well as control costs within their voice recording environments. Currently, with the majority of quality and up-time testing having to be carried out manually within these businesses, the impact on human resource and budgets is severe.

Insightful’s Audio Assure removes the significant risks associated with business oversight, manual error and non-compliance, while offering an increase in efficiency through reducing the dependency on human resource, minimising financial overheads, and ensuring that the solution is compliant with all major global regulations, including SM&CR, MiFID II, Reg BI and MAR.

Audio Assure marries together the ability to non-intrusively test the integrity and availability of individual end points, be they Private Wires or DDI number ranges for TDM, SIP-based telephony or Trader Voice positions, and also mobile network lines or application-based end points, for those who work remotely.

Greater operational flexibility can be adopted through Audio Assure’s ability to test all local and global circuits and end points, from one single location. Additionally, automated line quality testing, using pre-determined scripts or DTMF tones, can be custom scheduled according to time, dates and percentage of channels requiring testing.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of Insightful Technology’s new solution offering is the ability to perform CD-R Reconciliation, complete with real-time monitoring of call and recording durations, to enable firms to resolve CD-R records from their business communications with channels from their PBX or Trader Voice positions.

The in-built UTC-time stamped Audit function, that creates a globally-dispersed, immutable ledger relating to all records and system activity for evidential integrity purposes, together with it’s automated alerting and reporting capabilities, means that Audio Assure can provide a transformational shift in how firms currently approach voice environment testing:

“Given our pedigree in this space, and the fact we have grown up as a business with the level of security and functionality needed by a global Mobile Network Operator to deliver undisrupted service to its many financial industry clients, including ten of the largest tier 1’s in the world, we suddenly realised that the complexity of technology we had already built to monitor these mobile lines, could easily be applied to the entire portfolio of voice environments,” says Rob Houghton, Founder and CTO of Insightful Technology. “Knowing how time-consuming and costly the manual process of audio testing currently is for all financial services firms, and what little support these organisations have from an agile technology and software perspective, we are delighted that we can help relieve the burden currently being faced, and indeed give them back some efficiency to help their businesses thrive.”