With SOTERIA™, you can recall and present all worldwide communication data for analysis in a fully structured and hierarchical way. Use complex keyword and phrase searching algorithms, proactive alarming, and voice-to-text transcription and translation. SOTERIA™ compliant capture ensures the security of your data for your regulatory needs.

Reconstruct trades

Build and manage case reconstruction data in a virtual case file that regulators and accredited parties can access using a time-lapsed login and password.

Customise surveillance 

You can holistically configure your own workflow and settings based on monitoring and triggered alerts in your communications.

Proactively manage

Use eDiscovery to provide an end-to-end workflow to preserve, collect, analyse, review and export your information and records.

Monitor trades

eDiscovery provides an end-to-end workflow to preserve, collect, analyse, review and export content.

Manage multiple cases

Surveil data, across cases with different teams, and use customisable lexicon keyword and phrase-based alerting.

Analyse and report

Stay ahead of customer or employee issues and grievances using the SOTERIA™ platform's inbuilt reporting tools.


Take advantage of advanced voice analytics

You need unrivalled transcription accuracy

Some of the world’s largest institutions rely on our speech analytics. Using our Fusion AI analytics, you have unmatched transcription and comprehension accuracy at your fingertips. You can accurately process voice recordings into complete speaker-separated transcriptions of all your customer interactions.

- AI-driven conversational themes
- Push-button root cause analysis
- Emerging trends on categories and unlimited terms
- Sentiment analysis and core on every interaction and more.

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