Telstra & enepath: A Collaborative Alliance

Telstra Trader Voice

Solving Global Compliance with 'TTV' Solution

Who: Telstra 

Enabling our customers to thrive in a connected world

Telstra is one of the leading telecommunications and technology companies offering a wide range of services globally.  We bring innovative technology, capability and talent from around the world to enable our customers to thrive in a connected world. Telstra’s heritage is proudly Australian, but we have a longstanding international business with a focus on the Asia-Pacific region. 

Today, we have over 3,500 employees based in 20 countries outside of Australia providing services to thousands of business and government customers.

Our customers are global, our people are local and our assets are anchored in Asia. Over several decades we have established one of the largest subsea cable networks in Asia-Pacific, with a unique and diverse set of infrastructure that offers access to the most intra-Asia lit capacity and largest subsea cable system in Asia Pacific.

The network plays a crucial role underpinning the digital economy in Asia-Pacific, meeting the needs of wholesale and enterprise customers around the world. We also provide sophisticated network application services and have growing interests in software, video delivery, e-commerce and health. 

Growing our business globally is a strategic priority for Telstra, and we are focused on being the leading service provider for our customers across Asia-Pacific. We are also seeking to leverage our capabilities and assets to capture connectivity opportunities in industries where technology is creating competitive disruption.

Who: enepath

enepath are global industry specialists in developing and applying trader voice technology for the financial services sector. Focusing on buy and sell-side trader institutions, enepath has created a unique, and as yet unrivalled, IP touch screen, tablet-based, trading turret, enabling financial institutions to embrace the very best in exclusive HD VoIP, and fulfilling the requirements of traders and IT departments in equal measure.

A successful recipient of equity investment from Telstra Ventures, enepath has developed their Adaptive Media Platform (AMP), an IP solution with the architecture that can deliver effective, high-definition, voice trading communications from a single desk to a fully distributed global trading room. 

Why Insightful

Together, Telstra and enepath have aligned to create ‘Telstra Trader Voice’, a world-first in HD Voice Trader technology, expected to quickly dominate the global trading marketplace. However, in line with strict compliance and governance regulations, they required a market-leading platform with the proven ability to globally harness e-discovery, advanced analytics and case reconstruction. 

Insightful Technology’s Soteria platform, has offered the final vital piece of the technical jigsaw, having previously delivered fully compliant capture of Mobile Voice and SMS to 4 of the top 5 global investment banks, (in addition to over 170 other banks), via its mobile channel partner, Truphone.

Soteria’s latest software release allows enterprises such as enepath to now compliantly store full multimedia content, via a cloud-based or on-site platform, including mobile and fixed line recordings, trading turret data, emails, IM, and social media correspondence. All data is pro-actively monitored and captured in real time for instant case reconstruction and e-discovery, meeting all regulatory requirements including MiFiDII. 

The Future

With a global alliance partnership and resale agreement now in place with Insightful Technology, Telstra and enepath’s sales force are set to take ‘Telstra Trader Voice’ to market as a fully compliant end-to-end solution this July. In offering their product, with high quality and high availability connectivity, their intention is to significantly step change the financial market in the next 12 months.