The Insightful Technology Gmail recording solution makes it possible for organisations to capture all their email content into a secure archive. Additionally Insightful Technology provides a G-Suite recording solution that enables you to record and store your Google Docs, Meet and Chat content.                                                                                                                                                                                             
For the many organisations that utilise the Gmail and G-Suite products you can be assured that this solution will help you to reduce risk and meet your regulatory and compliance needs.

The process will seamlessly integrate into your company Gmail / G-Suite solution where it collects and de-duplicates your content before processing it into a secure archive to meet your regulatory and compliance needs.

The Insightful Technology Gmail & G-Suite capabilities are worldwide with cloud collectors located in the US, EMEA and Asia Pacific regions. The Gmail and G-Suite recording solution forms part of the Insightful Technology Communications Surveillance Solution portfolio.

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Ease of Integration


We have done the upfront integration work with G-Suite to enable you to be up and running quickly and seamlessly. 

Ease of Integration


Whether on premise, in the cloud or hybrid environment, the Insightful Technology platform can be deployed in as little as a couple of hours.

Ease of Integration


Up to 99.999% service availability, highly scalable and offering services across the globe for small business and global enterprises alike. 

Ease of Integration


The solution has been designed specifically to meet all the compliance requirements and to make G-Suite & Gmail fully compliant.

Ease of Integration


We capture all G-Suite & Gmail Content fully deduplicated  into our award wining compliance platform.

Ease of Integration


By over 2000 organisations across the world, including global banks and enterprise organisations.

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