Three Companies. Three Challenges. One Solution.

How Avert IT, part of the Insightful Technology Group, solved financial compliance for three separate businesses, using one software platform.

Avert IT, part of the Insightful Technology Group, has successfully solved key financial compliance issues for three separate businesses in the past 12 months, using one customisable software platform, Soteria™.

The volume of data that regulated companies must manage is staggering and growing, with businesses facing an increasing number of operational, legal and compliance based obligations.

Privacy is the overriding concern for most companies, especially data-rich businesses such as financial services firms and health care providers. Those in the financial services sector are struggling to meet a broad range of trade-related investigatory demands, with growing requirements expanding throughout the enterprise.

At Insightful Technology, we have worked with businesses ranging from SMEs to global enterprises, helping to solve our clients’ requirements by offering an all-in-one global compliance solution. Some of the challenges faced by our clients were:

  • The ability to ingest legacy and various data sources into the same platform
  • Have all forms of multimedia captured and stored in one single global view
  • Deliver transcriptions of all voice calls within a 72-hour deadline

Client 1: Small to Medium Enterprise

Client 1: Small to Medium Enterprise

An investment management company, specialising in long and short term corporate credit, who established themselves in 2009 and have offices in London’s Mayfair and New York’s Times Square.

The client had previously experienced substantial delays with other mobile recording platforms. It often took up to 40 seconds to connect a call and signal frequently dropped too. These problems were exacerbated by unreliable data services when users travelled abroad, which led to subsequent discontent as access to market information is a vital requirement for traders. The CTO was therefore forced to look for a new provider that could facilitate improved international compliance.

Client 2: Large Enterprise

Client 2: Large Enterprise

An investment bank that has operated in Europe for nearly 200 years and has a sophisticated local market presence across Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA). In the region, they have an unparalleled client base and are market leaders across the spectrum of financial services products. A strong regional footprint complements their head offices in London and their additional offices in the remaining major financial centres, each one offering solutions to the world’s most important corporations, governments and institutions. They currently service more than 100 countries.

In the ever-evolving world of governance and compliance, the client was required to capture mobile and SMS communications for all of its sell-side organisations around the globe, in order to meet local regulation requirements. The challenge they faced was being able to have all forms of multimedia captured and stored in one single global view.

Client 3: Global Enterprise

Client 3: Global Enterprise

A global investment bank that serves more than 100 million clients in 40 countries and is one of the world’s largest retail banks. They have branches strategically centred in the world’s top cities, including four in London, and have serviced Europe for almost 200 years, with a dominant local market presence there, as well as in the Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

They provide consumers, corporations, governments and institutions with a broad range of financial products and services, including consumer banking and credit, corporate and investment banking, securities brokerage, transaction services and wealth management.

Mirroring the same requirements as that of the large enterprise business, under the US Dodd Frank Act, the client was additionally obliged to deliver transcriptions of all voice calls for traceability purposes, which their existing technology could not facilitate.

The Insightful Solution

The Soteria multimedia recording platform, which captures and stores calls and SMS messages without delay, and additionally logs emails, trading data, IM correspondence and social feeds, solved each client’s problems quickly and efficiently, benefiting them all with greater productivity, compliance, business agility and end user experience.

In addition, the platform’s normalisation and transcription engines solved the US Dodd Frank Act regulation requirement, by creating time stamps on all data for case reconstruction purposes.

The Soteria solution, with its high availability, redundancy, and security, delivered through either its global cloud-based or onsite storage platforms, allows access to all stored data, simply and 24/7, via its own self-management portal. This access portal allows a hierarchy of user permissions, coupled with local data retention and storage customisation levels, enabling the client to always manage their recorded data in accordance with regional or global compliance rules.

The Customer Experience

"The service was seamless. We are now fully compliant and our users trust the quality of the product, with the compliance team happy and assured that all of our data is being captured and is retrievable in real time"
- CTO of SME Business

"The overwhelming infiltration of mobile technology into businesses such as ours has added a number of new platforms and communication methods that now must be tracked. We lacked the ability to monitor multimedia and social correspondence, making compliance a real difficulty for us, however we can now safely fulfil the legal requirements as set by the regulatory body"
- Compliance Director of Large Enterprise

"The product and support delivered against all of our requirements and it has enabled us to become globally transparent, accountable for our company’s and clients’ actions at any time, and at any given location. With competitors having faced considerable fines for compliance-related failings, we believe we could potentially have saved the business millions of pounds"
CIO of Global Enterprise

How Soteria™ Works

How Soteria™ Works