Email Archiving and Capture

Archiving, indexing and retrieval of email communications for regulatory purposes.

"...Deutsche Bank’s systems for identifying and recovering recordings of Trader telephone calls and mapping trading books to Traders were inadequate. These failings directly impeded the Authority’s investigation of IBOR misconduct causing significant delays and difficulties to the process..."

Financial Conduct Authority on Deutsche Bank, £226,800,000 penalty for breaching regulations

It's not news that most of our business correspondence is conducted by email. Whether we're emailing internally or externally, this medium is still at the hub of our communications, with billions of emails being sent on a daily basis.

For international organisations, online communication is often preferred to voice or traditional mail. It is also now a standard regulatory requirement to capture, index and archive all email communications, for many industries including finance, law and pharmaceuticals.

Such requirements create a number of issues for organisations, not least of which is the volume of storage required to securely archive the volume of emails exchanged on a daily basis.

Are you breaking the law by not capturing and archiving your emails?

Only in the past decade has it been a legal requirement for certain organisations to archive emails and have the ability to retrieve unaltered data. Recently, the laws surrounding email archiving have been strengthened to accommodate new business practices and, as a result, these changes now require organisations by law to:

  • Know where their emails are archived
  • Ensure archived communications are not altered
  • Archive all header information, along with email content
  • Be able to retrieve communications on demand
  • Be able to meet data requests
  • Understand which communications are not subject to data requests

An organisation's inability to meet an information request as part of an investigation, within the necessary timeframe, is likely to lead to significant fines, and possibly more severe punishments such as custodial sentences. It is therefore essential for an organisation to be able to capture, index, archive and restore all relevant communications with minimal effort, to avoid incurring significant costs and lost time.

We can help archive email communications and more

Our Soteria™ platform provides organisations with the technology needed to effortlessly capture, index, archive and restore all types of communication, including emails.

Unlike other platforms, our technology can also provide notifications based on keywords or proximity searches of defined words, to ensure that compliance officers are able to react quickly to particular types of messages, therefore reducing their risk.

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