Insightful Technology Compliance of the Future

Since originally forming Avert IT in the late 90's to specifically address the growing need for "evidential weight" and a "duty of care" to be demonstrated around all digital and analogue data records, this allowing global businesses to deliver on Compliance, Governance and Business Agility.

Through our technology, organisations are able to minimise risk, while delivering a competitive advantage by capturing, proactive surveillance and e discovery, historic importing, archiving and analysing all communications in real time.

With regulation and technology evolving at such a pace, we formally created Insightful Technology in 2005, to address the need to expand our technical platforms across "Multi Media" including fixed line, mobile, IM, trading platforms and legacy collectors and now cover all these elements via the Insightful Technology Group of companies.

Our technology is designed to meet communications challenges faced by different industries head-on. That is why our original mobile voice recording solution is now used by over 190 of the worlds top global banks as well as government agencies, legal institutions and pharmaceuticals around the world.

With over 30 years experience, our leadership team is able to offer the most comprehensive technological solutions to some of the most complex communications challenges facing organisations both locally and internationally, driving global compliance and enterprise agility.

Our home is at the heart of London's financial district, which ensures we're always first to adapt our technology to meet the changing needs of the industry, operating and delivering our technical solution via our global channel partner network.

See how Soteria's modular and scalable approach can make you fully compliant, efficient, and cost effective, in a live demonstration



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