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Find out how our Soteria SaaS captures and stores ANY type of multimedia communication globally, in real-time and at source, ready for review and analysis in a single-pane. No middleware.

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Empowering Industry, Defining Proactive Compliance

We deliver a single global actionable view of enterprise multimedia data capture and storage, that complies with global regulations such as FCA, MiFID II and Dodd-Franks Act.

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Leading Multi-Channel Data & Communications Service, Soteria

We capture, analyse & store EVERYTHING. The only platform available that provides a mobile & fixed line voice recording solution.

How it works

Regulating Industries

Compliance is at the heart of our technology. We are at the heart of your regulated business.

Financial Legal
Governmental Pharmaceutical

Our Building Blocks

  • A trademarked globally secure cloud storage grid
  • A custom built processing and workflow engine
  • A powerful and scalable normalization engine

Compliance & Governance Proactive Surveillance E-Discovery
Workflow Optimisation Business Agility

Trusted and used by the world's largest regulated businesses with their confidential communications and multi-channel data.

Regulating Multiple Industries

Financial Institutions

Solves regulatory compliance

Tracks financial feeds

Captures all communications

Real-time alerts

Reconstructs full cases within 24 hours


Recalls comms between clients

Archives communications

Provides evidence in court

Calculates billable hours

Quality controls

Solves regulatory compliance


Tracks communications

Provides risk management

Solves regulatory compliance

Investigates information leaks


Solves regulatory compliance

Archives communications

Provides risk management

Discover how our software Soteria™ works

Soteria™ is our proprietary technology which ensures companies remain compliant with regulations around the world. Find out how Soteria™ works in our short video.

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World Class Services

Using our portfolio of products within our Soteria™ platform, our clients gain a competitive advantage by enabling all their business communications to be securely captured, analysed and stored in real time, driving global compliance.

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