Soteria™ Microsoft Teams Recording

Microsoft Teams has rapidly become the collaboration platform of choice for organisations large and small. Not only does it enable internal teams to collaborate, but through its ability to seamlessly connect with the telephone network, it is fast becoming the de-facto corporate communication platform supporting both Unified Communications and Contact Centres.

We make it possible for organisations to record Microsoft Teams Calls and Meetings including Desktop sharing and Instant messages. Our connector into MS Teams enables you to record both voice and video across internal and external calls, MS Teams meetings & IM.
We have Teams recording capabilities worldwide with our cloud recorders located in the US, EMEA and Asia Pacific.
Soteria enables automatic recording of everything on Microsoft Teams and stores and encrypts data enabling  Surveillance on all communications.

Modular Teams Compliance Solutions

Securely record all of your conversations to ensure accurate record keeping and regulatory compliance, It’s Cloud based - turn it on with a click. No hardware needed.

Replay calls instantly in the web portal
Flexible retention periods
Strict user permission controls
PCI DSS, Dodd-Frank, GDPR, KYC, MiFID II, HIPAA compliant and more
Instant search

Soteria™ Intelligent Cloud

Enrich call recordings with Voice AI, improve customer experience and enable proactive compliance.

Automatic call transcriptions
Line-by-line sentiment analysis
Notifications of negative calls and keyword alerts customisable by you
Advanced API for integration of call data in BI tools and apps
Call and AI data dashboards and reports


Voice Capture

Capture all Microsoft Teams voice into the compliant Soteria™ Platform.
We capture internal & external voice including federated.

External Voice PSTN

Capture all Microsoft Teams external federated  & PSTN voice into the compliant Soteria™ Platform.
We capture internal & external voice including federated.

Video Capture

Capture all Microsoft Teams video into the compliant Soteria™ Platform.
We capture internal & external video including federated.

Desktop sharing

Capture all Microsoft Teams desktop & application sharing into the compliant Soteria™ Platform. We capture internal & external desktop & application sharing including federated. This include Whiteboards, lets just say if you can share it we capture it.

Instant Messaging 

Capture all Microsoft Teams Instant Messaging into the compliant Soteria™ Platform. We capture internal & external Instant Messages including federated.

The Portal

In real-time, Soteria™ offers you a single-pane view of any Teams communication, with fully-customisable role-based dashboards, and a permissions hierarchy to manage user access. Trade reconstructions can be created instantaneously, and collated information around a topic or event can be viewed remotely in a containerised manner.


At Insightful Technology, we don't believe in just selling solutions. In this increasingly complex and comprehensive financial regulatory landscape, there are endless interpretations, approaches and options. Working out your path can be challenging.

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